Failure of Violent Jihadi Revolutions

A rise in violence in the early 90's is examined, as many, many, politicians in the Islamic World have been murdered by these cults and their followers.

View Video of the goal of radical cult-islam...
As learn how and why it it spread to neighboring nations...

View this video: Saudi Cleric Salman Al-Odeh Slams "Brother" Osama Bin Laden and Warns Him He Will Be Responsbile for the Death of Millions... And He Faces Allah. (Video: 9. 14. 07)

The Jihadi Revolution's strongest flaw was their own ideals which finally resulted in the killing of one another. This video (above) shows the self destructive nature of radical cult-Islam, which eventually drives away percentages of followers.

Even many of the Jihadi Revolution's followers grow to become fearful of the radical nature of this violence... And seek a way out of these movements.

*Physicist / Geologist predictions by Dr. H.
2008: underwater eruption off the coast of greece
2008: yemen underwater volcano (occurred 2007)
2008: iranian quake in underground nuke test facility. (complete devastation)

He says that there will be no mistake of this fateful quake’s natural force of destruction.

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