Remembering le Mime: Marcel Marceau

"Mime, like music, knows neither borders nor nationalities," he once said. "If laughter and tears are the characteristics of humanity, all cultures are steeped in our discipline." (Marcel Marceau: 1923- 2007)

A treasure of the World has left us... And although far from his Paris home; his memory will stay on Earth FOREVER...
Marcel Marceau with our Long Time Friend-9.22.06

Many who personally met him, did so, in constant awe of his Magnetic character...Marcel Marceau was one of the greatest communicators to signal and bridge the gap of communication... With style, and charm...

View Video (below) and yes... There are many works of which Marcel Marceau was best loved... But I was amazed that he coached many moves which were added to Michael Jackson's fame in Thriller, etc! Rest in Peace, Mon Cher Marcel.

A few Links to honor Mime Master Marceau:
The Paris Funeral of Marcel Video
View The Photoshop Celebrity Mimes! Photoshop Contest
Report about the late Marcel MarceauInteresting VIDEO

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