Afghanistan: Aftermath of an Intervention

Perhaps it is impolite to say...Afghans were on their way to becoming an 'archive of history' when they rang our U.S. Gov. via cell-phone...
Read story of a Desperate request for U.S. intervention in Afghanistan
Freedom Watch Afghanistan (New window)
Click Image- View Kazari's Story
Larry Downing: Bush Karzai in N.York- 9.26.07
And if the World continues to blame the United States, for the entire problem in the Middle East; they will continue to make it easier for a Terrorism (which assumes absolutely NO blame) to spread...

Today, we're still seeing many countries affected by food & water shortages; and amidst ethnic cleanse by repressive regimes. Sadly, I fear that Iraq resistance will have afforded less future involvement by Nations; grown reluctant to help those in crisis...
View Today's events in Afghanistan...

We in the West are seeing recipients of International aid hold U.S. as a greedy Nation; while our ships (stationed in Persian Gulf) strive to keep waterways opened. Our work enables poor countries to continue to be recipients of this Aid; from those likely to cause its financial disruption...

For much of the World of dire poverty; there is only one way out...
To strive to be free to impact change... To live without Freedom, is to live dead... They are Free to forget our soldiers who have died for their cause... But to fail to ban together and make the very best for the sake of their Nation; denies their own promise for a better future.

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Karzai: Courage in the Middle East

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