Earth's 1st Real Interplanetary Spaceflight

Great Video compiled by NASA’s Dawn Project… Here they discuss the start of the launch; now in motion! Mission Scientists & Engineers explain the Science & Technological challenges of visiting the Asteroid Belt… And the Ion-propulsion engines, once confined to science fiction, which made it possible!

A Cape Canaveral Lift-off to Asteroids! And what a lovely Cape Canaveral lift off it was... NASA's Dawn spacecraft rocketed away earlier (yesterday) toward its unprecedented double encounter in the asteroid belt! story

Main engine start... 1 - 0 - Lift off!
A flight set to document mammoth asteroids Vesta and then Ceres.
A Mission back in time: Viewing early formation of planets

Special congratulations to Mission's lead Scientist, Christopher Russell
From University of California (Los Angeles) and family; who waited 15 years to see Dawn rise... As the world's first attempt to journey to a celestial body and orbit it, then travel to another and circle it as well.

Dawn Gallery: Astrotech's Payload Processing Facility

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