Part 2) The World's Illegal-Immigration

Regarding criticisms of multiculturalism and the tribalization of Modern Industrial Societies... Spiritus-temporis writes:
"John Howard, himself is a critic of multiculturalism, preferring instead a "shared national identity... Many immigrants to the country use the guise of "multiculturalism" to avoid inclusion and integration into the country's social makeup. read more
An interesting video, though I can assure you that the access to tribal weaponry definitely DOES NOT link to the Australian Government! ..What an illegal-immigration nightmare!
So we see how the world's underdeveloped tribes pose a threat to both, the societies of which they illegally mass-migrate; and their transitional success...الرجل مع البرتقال كاب ما مجموعه أقل إحكاما
"Much of Australia's traditional Anglo-Celtic population are either opposed to... Or the liberals show apathy towards multiculturalism, which has brought about noted separatism and "ethnic ghettos" in Australian society. read more

And then we see a mass immigration held completely incompatible within a host Nation's Sovereignty... Tragically, it is thought that neither party is happy to be in each other's midst...
So such is the life amidst the uncontrollable flow of illegal-immigration. A country's once treasured Culture & traditions; challenged by the test of time. هذا الشريط اصوات قليلا المساس لي


"Critics charge that one of the dangers of pursuing multicultural social policies is that social integration and cultural assimilation can be held back. This can potentially encourage economic disparities and an exclusion of minority groups from mainstream politics."read more

-SERIES TO BE CONTINUED... (Filed under Stand Up for Truth)

-View Series: Part 1) The World's Illegal-Immigration

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