Part 1) The World's Illegal-Immigration

Immigration doesn't help solve the World's poverty... (a once sorry and mistaken notion.)
Take a look at the over-all picture... Violations of a country's sovereignty is "Big-business" for countries who illegally export mass-workers.
(Often under the commissionable assistance of humanitarian groups.)
People are pro-immigrant, but anti illegal-immigration... But if a country's leaders continue to fail to take action toward solution; sadly, this stance could change over time...
-Warning: American Indian Vent! (Bad Language!)
- Another one Slips through the cracks!

A few videos (below) concerning a global problem...

SONG: Great Britain smothered by illegal entry from several groups!

The Infiltration of France by Al-Qaeda ...
Doorman says: "Journalist gets a lucky entry into islamic extremists club. Takes em down and fulfills his payback mission. Good Job.....Well done. Especially as anyone who doesn't follow their rules is an ANIMAL."

And then, there are life-saving missions...
Today, as U.S. Soldiers continue humanitarian rescues; they discover a life-savings solution to the method of handling World-wide illegal-immigration. (Biometrics)

-SERIES TO BE CONTINUED... (Filed under Stand Up for Truth)
Today's News:
President ofMexico objects to America's enforcement of U.S. Sovereignty laws. Violation of U.S. Sovereignty is Big Business for Mexico... Without which, they might have to address:
VIDEO: mismanagement of their economy.

If you live in a sea-side home in the U.S. (along the border) you are NOT SAFE, anymore... neither are the minutemen & women!

We will soon be more aware of Fred Thompson's border position and enforcement of existing laws instead of new...

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