Sky Gods of the Ages were Climate Change!

I've just awakened... What a vivid and colorful "all knowing" dream!
The Sky Gods of the Ages:
They were mapped; and stars were used to predict them... And when these Gods swooped to ravage fruit-filled fields into desert; they further named and immortalized these milestones into rock.... And although the "Gods" go back further than mythology; or certainly my image (below)

It was only until the doggone age, that man, by process of shifted Earth magnetic-field; mapped a most enlightening encounter...
Barbay- Rendition of the Doggone Mappings

He set forth to truly chronicle the arrival of the spaceman...Vivid archives and myths reveal the events and knowledge so much more clearly...

And as was unfolded in the events of the "unpredictable sky"...
Someday on our travels, as I am certain that our age is not undone; we will (again) see the Doggone, in a sandy quiver of Earth's magnetic field... And speak to him of NASA, of the stars...And the secrets of age’s apart...

IT WAS US!! As the loops and cycles continue...

NOTE: I'm not sure if anyone else is having such vivid and colorful "all knowing" dreams as I.. I have awakended from sleep... as if I've always known!

More later...Dr. H (in Alexandria) has studied the Geometry of two emerging ocean plates resembling that of a large Island! The large land-mass proceeds the Rhakotis settlement, when (today's Israeli Jews) pre-dated the region!...I have not heard from him... (though expect to) At such time, I will post what I know...

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