M. East Crisis: Revenge of the Sphinx

Ancient Cat Gods exported from Persia to Italy in 1620 by Pietro della Valle, and from Turkey into France by Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc; # earned their place in society as equals... A sort-of "reverse" Democracy-build (if you will.)

At first, the Felines did not welcome this at all... In time, they got over it, and the rest is history; but what is interesting is the Cat God curse that they left on the land, and Mullahs of the Middle East...
View the slightly interesting cat-parallels in Video Below...
Nude Dude (l) - Butterscotch (r)
Downing: ICA; Waco TX
Much confusion as to the origin of the Sphinx (Canada or Mexico) can only be a result of the enormous embarrassment they suffered after Western life rudely liberated them from God-like monuments of Egypt. #
But the fear of Arab retaliation toward idol-worship did much to encourage their new found Peace with the West.
The Islamic conquest of Persia (637-651 CE) History
The head has been replaced by several different heads... The original the head of a feline cat. The cats laugh...Haha, The fools forgot to change this!

View Video Below... It's the Cat Curse!
It is the Cat who will profess a common brotherly link, and then use it solely to their deadly advantage! It is the cat will attack a pack of wolves, believing they can defeat them! And the feline who will hold self-serving aspirations strictly through saber rattling...

"Why Shouldn't We Be the Ones to Decide For Them." -Butterscotch (Quote)

Silent as a mouse, the Cat will successfully prolong the dance with the intruder; while destroying all those who are 'inconveniently' in the 'undesired block of its territory', using the worst possible means!

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad asks,
"What is my interest.. What is my interest?" View Video!
Sunni Arab states wary of Iran’s role
"Nor are the pro-western Arab states clamoring to rehabilitate Syria. Indeed Saudi Arabia has virtually frozen ties after an August speech by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad ridiculed Arab leaders as “half-men”.

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