Iran's Regime & World Aid Disruption

Offers of 'Oil & Wealth' perks to leaders of the Poor have been poison to many volunteer medical and humanitarian programs that I believe in... Please take a few minutes to see what is at stake in Peru, Jamaica, and World... -View VIDEO NEW WINDOW

View Persian Mullah's Perks toward hardest hit areas of Africa.
Iran's Mullahs Cut Deals for Anti-U.S. Partnerships
Today, Ahmadinejad offers Instant Wealth packages designed to include 'their expertise'; inc. special Hamas/Hezbolla-style PR Security. Security against 'the Great Satan', for Former Governments. -Story

The World's Peace-keeping Mission...
AFRICOM and the 12 Nation USNS COMFORT are a continuing Non-governmental volunteer medical and humanitarian force...Bridging together with Project Hope and Smile; they continue their quest to improve 2007 organizational skills, to help World's less fortunate.

In addition, they offer civilian populations a safer access to billions of dollars of yearly World Aid delivery, formerly intercepted by Militants... And in a World of dwindling water supplies, amidst on-going genocide; their efforts strive to save millions of lives... Again, view VIDEO

The Ahmadinejad Mullahs fail to explain what obstacles they have decided to REMOVE in order to combine commercial interests...But these countries who cut deals with the regime, while refusing Humanitarian Peace-Keepers; had better read the fine print!

Persian Mullah programs are not without a heavy price...
Iran's Hamas fight the Palestinian Government for control...

Seeking Anti-American Partnering:
Iran boosts financial incentives and commercial bonds with Algiers

Algeria's President backs Nuclear Iran after commercial meetings

The national Council of Iranian Resistance (NCIR) invites the French government to open an investigation following the propagation of untrue information, according to it, into a terrorist threat Wednesday into the shoed network of the "Great East of France."Read more

My most important Charity "Docteurs without Borders" co-founder Bernard Kouchner Pays a visit to Iraqi Government. "We want to talk about the future. Democracy, integrity, sovereignty, reconciliation and stopping the killings. That's my deep aim," Kouchner said.
Meanwhile, a top American general said that Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard had 50 men training Shiite militiamen in remote camps south of Baghdad #

And sadly the reports continue...
Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq
"If this escalates it could pose a real threat to the Kurdistan region, which is Iraq's most stable area", said Jabar Yawar, deputy minister in the Kurdistan regional government.
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