Kandinsky's, 'Point and Line to Plane'

Busy painting and reading Kandinsky's 1910, "On the Spiritual of Art"...
And his 1911: "Point and Line to Plane." Books which demonstrate the incorporeal of "invisible" geometric points to the aesthetic of Art.

Keeping in mind that his work was long before the 'illusion' of the density of matter had been proved by science; or reality of frequencies and invisible forces had opened the imagination of man to unlimited expectations. Kandinsky's, 'Several Circles' (Gift of S. R. Guggenheim)
Click-image- View NASA Quicktime:
David Whitehouse's NASA Captures TX Cam
Nasa's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (Galex)

'Several Circles' speaks to me of his connections with theosophy, astrology as well as anthroposophy... And painted in-between the writings of both books (above) appears to be highly symbolic with many events of today.

Amidst today's earth changes we are reminded that...
"We are an insignificant humanity participating in a cosmic order"…
Rather than the cosmic order participating in our "significant" humanity.

Earth changes represent the infinite elements of Earth's renewal; as new life extends on, in an infinite new way... So, one need not hold onto fear...

News Today: Endeavour to Undock Sunday
Endeavor begins to ready its departure from ISS...Collectively they close the hatch, and prepare the ship for weather change...And a return to Earth.

-View from the ISS
-Mapping from ISS
Dean causes Concern, but no panic in Jamaica yet
PS: I'll try to post when I can... I hope you are all doing very well... xo -MB

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