Scripts & Scribes: Interwoven East/West

Our exchange of battle scripts have spanned the centuries, yet the most difficult and perplexing for the East and West; has been our complicated exchange of translation. While one danced with a Poetic celebrated victory, the other succumbed to lamented defeat.

The real treasure found between the East and West, was found in the Golden Years...A blend of rich cultures, trade, and enhancement to one another. This, through the Love & Peace of the Scribes...

Ending these war-scripts will prove to be our greatest Challenge... And blame actually retains all elements of conflict... Broader regions of unity will help Centuries old conflicts heal. I see a United Middle East with the friendship of the United States and Britain...

View Video (part 2 below) which takes sincere courage to post.
All three films (below) will help you to understand the dichotomy of the Middle East; perhaps beyond what you think you have come to know...
If you found this interesting:
-View part 1: here
-And part 3: here
And a little East/West prayer for Peace (mix)
عزيزي الله
Dear God...
يساعدنا الاستماع الى كلماتكم السلام والوحدة
Help us to hear your words as peace and unity..
يساعدنا على اعتناق الازدهار ، ويغفر اخواننا
Help us to embrace prosperity, and forgive our brothers,
يساعدنا على الوقوف في السلم اقوى من الانتقام
Help us to stand stronger in Peace than revenge
يساعدنا على عقد النية على ان الاعداء يمكن الأصدقاء
Help us to hold faith that enemies can be friends
سلاما يا الله أقدس
Peace be unto you, God most holy...

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