Syria Visit: al-Maliki Lashes out at U.S.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki criticized the US president's remarks on his government's failures on Wednesday during his visit to Syria.
Press conference statement by Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki (in Arabic) 00:00-01:45
Statements by Syrian PM Muhammad Naji al-Otri (in Arabic) 01:45-03:50
"If the US wont stand by the Iraqi goverment, we can find others who will."
Rough translation by muhajiroon:
"He says... The US government and politicians are full
of bickering upon themselves... and he clearly
says that US government has no right to impose on
his government any conditions and only the Iraqi
people have that right cause they are representing
the iraqi people... He also added the threat that
if the US wont stand by his government he can find
others who will."
But what about the genocide in innocent Iraqi's blocks of Baghdad, coming from "neighborly" borders? Where's the lashing out at neighbors on this?
(To me, it looks like Iraqis are NOT supposed to stabilize.)
Read the Media' translation: Iraq Leader Lashes Out at U.S. Critics

And thrown out of an Iraqi court today:
2 Ex-Aides to Saddam Ejected From Trial
Sabawi Ibrahim, a Saddam half brother who headed an intelligence agency in 1991, challenged the trial, saying the court "was established by the occupiers who ignored the international law and invaded Iraq without the permission of the United Nations."

He also defended the crackdown on the Shiite uprising, saying it was orchestrated by Iran with which Saddam's regime had fought a devastating war.
"Iran failed to achieve its goal in the 1980-88 war, but it seized the chance in 1991 to kill Iraqis and loot Iraq," Ibrahim said. "Iran used its elements and agents to destroy Iraq." Read more

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