Iraq Transfer | French Peacekeepers RSVP

UPDATE: Heart-Wrenching Iraqi Rescue...

Any suggestions for withdrawal must include both: a plan which prioritizes the fate of the remaining Iraqis, and Peacekeepers to match our forces! Otherwise we stay and fight to make a safe home and return for millions of displaced Iraqis.

UPDATE: Maybe this isn't a good day to post...I wonder why this Video excludes what is in Matt's article: VIEW Here ...
Well, I guess some of us deserved it, but it looks like Sarko got us all... haha
And watch Iran blame the U.S. (and Israel) for Sarkozy's
But one thing is absolutely certain...
I really appreciate the efforts of Humanitarian Bernard Kouchner; co-founder of my cherished charity (Médecins Sans Frontières) for utilizing the generosity of his vast experience in crisis evaluation, resolution, and aid-relief...
Europe must play greater role in Iraq: Kouchner

8.21.07: Kouchner's Iraq visit hopes to ease Iraqi crisis
"I'm here to assist, in any way I can."
Perhaps his visit to encourage a greater European role, already has...
8. 27. 07: Iraq's Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish
leaders reach consensus on key laws

If you go on the FACTS of today's stability, Mr. Kouchner has aided in the stability of regions of the world who face much higher level of crisis than the Iraqis... (Unless you watch MSM Iraqi coverage)

So, would a withdrawal end the murder of innocent Iraqis?
Would an EU Peaceforce protect and over-see remainder Iraqi improvement projects (of which 2,797 have been declared completed). Would they over-see the 435 projects formally accepted by Iraq's central government; and secure the 1,141 already transferred to local Iraqi authorities?

Would France be willing to send 50,000 Peacekeepers to help Iraqis take-over final projects by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the American-led multinational forces in Iraq, and United States Agency for International Development?
If this is possible, and Iraqis have an EU Peacekeeping force; then perhaps several new agreements could be hammered out with the Iraqi government to smooth-out possible U.S. departure time-tables. -RSVP

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