Heart-Wrenching Iraqi Rescue...

This is a must see Video eye-opener to this post because not one of many groups who have spoken out for early U.S. withdrawal have actually bothered to mention how this will impact the fate of specific Iraqi civilians

With an exception of Humanitarian Bernard Kouchner; only our troops (and effort) show concern for an early withdrawal consequence...

-Video below: U.S. troops during a routine search operation find an Iraqi kidnap victim handcuffed in a terrorist hideout. Soldiers and a translator immediately tell the man's family that he is ALIVE AND WELL... {Jun 2007}

Posted again from a comment at Powerline:
Short form:
"We are now holding a tiger by the tail...
It doesn’t really matter whether it was a good idea to grab the tiger by the tail... But it’s a REALLY bad idea to “solve the problem” by...


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