"Foot in the Door" For Socialized Med?

The House Democrats pushed-through Child Insurance legislation; sparking bitter partisan health care battle on eve of Congress' month long recess: Dems Add 6M Kids to Insurance Program .
The current Administration says, "This legislation,
"Clearly favors government-run health care over
private health insurance," & spends far too much...
"The program has expanded in many states to include middle-income children and adults, prompting Republicans to argue that it has morphed into a backdoor way to extend government- provided health care to an ever-increasing population of Americans."

"This is not just about helping low-income children. This bill today seems to be spending government funds to lure middle class, upper middle class, even (perhaps) wealthy families, to opt out of private health coverage and go to government health coverage," said Rep. Jim McCrery of Louisiana, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee.

- Here's what was said in 1961 Operation Coffee Cup Campaign...
Against Socialized Medicine, proposed by the Democrats:
Dems Embrace Europe's Policy Discards...
HT: Instapundit:
Not sure why the US LEFT find it necessary to promote strategies that current European leadership are trying desperately to distance themselves from...
Interesting article: Where the Left Is Moving Right
Jurgen Reinhoudt writes:
"Former Labour British Prime Minister Tony Blair became famous for his "Third Way" philosophy, which he said moved "beyond an old left preoccupied by state control, high taxation and producer interests."
Other Health Care related Posts: Moore’s Little Lie- at Cuba’s Expense
Director Luis Moro's important VIDEO message to Moore...

Explanation of the caution needed to prevent too much centralized government control: America should avoid bread lines for flu vaccines

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