Free & Democratic Kurdistan, Lives on

The Kurdish rap video (below) details the Kurd's struggle for human rights and Freedom; by which thousands of Kurds had lost their lives... This video, shown on TishkTV, shows the PDKI Peshmerga, who bravely fought for Federalism and democracy; against the current bloody Iranian Regime...
-Mild film- No Violence Shown. (Great Music!)

Today, two journalists of ethnic Kurdish dissident, are accused of being enemies of God (“mohareb”)... And are sentenced to death in Iran. Iranian regime's also claims "armed struggle against the system."
Death verdicts for Iran reporters

NOTE: The two were writing for a Kurdish news magazine before it was banned in 2005... RSF (Reporters without Borders) called the death sentences against Mr Hassanpour and Mr Botimar "outrageous and shameful." -Sign RSF petition

-A third Roozonline contributor, Soheil Assefi, received a summons to appear before a Tehran court today after prosecutor’s office agents searched his home, taking personal documents and the hard disk of this computer. Full story

More news today:
Today, a 'FREE' Kurdistan appears to be (perhaps) caught in the onslaught of Turkish armies again; as Turkey claims that Iraqi Kurds' efforts to incorporate the oil-rich city of Kirkuk into their self-governing region in northern Iraq could embolden rebels seeking self-rule in southeast Turkey... US Officials Visit Ankara to Talk PKK Weapons

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on his way to Iran (after visit to Turkey) will discuss the PKK; and not available for comment...

To understand Kurdistan, is to examine its origins as a well noted pre-Christianity, pre-Islam collection of semi-independent "emirates"... Later captured by the Turkish Ottoman...(Caliph) According to Khwarizmi, this
Arab Conquest, conquered the area along with Nisbis and Tur Abdin, in 640.

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