Turkish Victory at the Ballot Box

Liberty and Democracy Shines! Turkey's election: Massive turnout!
The 21st Century’s rise of radical Islamists could not claim this election; as Media reports that more than a quarter of the country's 42 million registered voters traveled across the country, cutting their vacations short; just to return home & cast their ballots…

Participation was boosted by widespread fears among secularists that the AKP had secret Islamists ambitions. And so, this marks Turkey’s sincere effort toward retaining Democracy, Liberty, & Modernity...(And, perhaps, talks with the EU.)
"Our democracy has successfully passed a test ... Our unity, democracy and the republic have emerged stronger from the ballot box," he said outside the AKP party's headquarters to fireworks and cheers of hundreds of supporters. Read more
Erdogan's re-election had shown economic improvements in the last five years, as it maintained growth and attracted foreign investment… Will now work toward expanding individual rights!

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