Syria & the Iranian Incentive Package?

This sure doesn't look like a "Peaceful Road" to Damascus, to me...
Especially if the Iranian Mullah's incentive package is accepted by Syria!
Of course: Iran denies pact with Syria for Russian weapons
The Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Saturday that Iran would provide $1 billion to Syria for advanced weapons procurement and would assist the country with nuclear research and the development of chemical weapons, if Damascus agrees NOT to negotiate peace with Israel. NEWS SOURCE:

Olmert: Israel cannot meet Syria's demand on Golan
Today, in remarks broadcast on Saturday by Israel's Channel 10 television; Olmert explains that, "Assad's demand, creates conditions that set an impossible threshold for the start of negotiations."
Olmert said any talks with Syria must be direct. "I want to make peace with all Arab states and I want to do so through direct negotiations, as was the case with Egypt and Jordan."
-Israel has demanded Syria sever relations with Iran...
-Israel also wants Syria to stop aiding Hizbullah and Hamas...Full Article
UPDATE: All they'll say is there will be more heat for all those in the Middle East ("Courtesy" Ahmadinejad!) ...Jihad Secretary General Ramdan-Abdullah Shalakh said that Iran's role in the Middle East was "to support the armed struggle of the Palestinian people."
-Ahmadinejad: The Chief "Diplomat for Uprisings." heh-heh...
AP: Getting a grip on their common strategy
A 'self-appointed' role that Arabs, in the Middle East, want him to drop!

Last week the "never good news" (Hizbullah leader) Nasrallah, allegedly entered Syria via a nuke funnel an underground tunnel, to attend a meeting with Ahmadinejad in Damascus... Ahmadinejad told the group: "We hope that the hot weather of this summer will coincide with similar victories for the region's peoples, and with consequent defeat for the region's enemies."-Jpost

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