Diabolical Summer-rains Hit Britain

And it's all Gore's fault! (Just kidding) Well, who hasn't noticed that the Int'l weather has taken a serious turn for the worse; after he released the Inconvenient film. :|
Humanitarian crisis as thousands face new evacuation alert
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CAPTION: Surrounded by a sea of floodwater, a church in Tirley, Gloucestershire. The area suffered a further blow yesterday when 350,000 people were told there would be no tap water because a treatment plant has been contaminated

I haven't yet reached family members in London...So it's devastating and frightening to see this! Seems like the world is so fragile! But thank God that the Brits aren't! They'll make it through this, no matter what!
My prayers, for all those affected...

An interesting comment from Chris, in London:
"The neutron flux signal from the sun's core shows the core temperature is cooling. However in the long term, 10 - 100 years human being must colonize other solar systems if our descendants are to survive.

The sun will eventually execute a periodic stellar nova every 500 years as if turns into a planetary nevula. All suns of our suns mass do this about 1/2 through their lifetime, that is "about now."
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