Baba-e-Millat, Zahir Shah- Laid to Rest

This former King impressed me... He resisted all efforts to be returned to power after nearly four decades of ruling Afghanistan; in order to support a better direction for the people and country he loved...Here he is (r) giving his blessing to Hamid Karzai... The new Democratic President of Afghanistan.
92-year-old Zahir Shah died Monday; at the Presidential Palace (Kabul).
Image: DYLAN MARTINEZ; View: Photo Gallery
CAPTION ABOVE: Hamid Karzai greets the former King of Afghanistan, Mohammad Zahir Shah, after receiving a Koran from the king outside his residence on the outskirts of Rome, December 18, 2001.

India Mourns the Passing... of Ex-Afghan King Zahir Shah
One day prior to Indian President Abdul Kalam's retirement; he, along with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee recalled the contribution of Zahir Shah to building better relations between India and Afghanistan...

India, only a handful of years ago; was one of the World's poorest nations... Now it has pledged over $750 million to the reconstruction of war-scarred Afghanistan...

To better understand how the U.S. intervention came to be, and what continues to be at stake in Afghanistan... View incredible Video Clips which explain how foreign Islamists' terrorist interventions have sought to take Afghanistan; and create a different kind of warlord...Video Story here...
May Baba-e-Millat, Zahir Shah; Rest in Peace...
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