The Iraqi Fueled Insurgency

Back in 2006, an article from Jihad Watch:
Iraqi Gov. and U.S. Say:
Iraq’s oil sales finance insurrection, and Kill US Troops
Ali Allawi, Iraq's finance minister, estimated that insurgents reap 40 percent to 50 percent of all oil-smuggling profits in the country...
Offering an example of how illicit oil products are kept flowing on the black market, he said that the insurgency had infiltrated senior management positions at the major northern refinery in Baiji and routinely terrorized truck drivers there. This allows the insurgents and their confederates to tap the pipeline, empty the trucks and sell the oil or gas themselves...Read more
Image below: Iraqi and U.S. forces fought against the daily attacks which sought to Destabilize Iraqi Government, and plunder & disrupt Iraqi oil reserves... Today's Iraqis visit UK. #
TIME Excerpt by Robert Baer asks a post-Saddam question of a Country whose regime (itself) survived off the Iraqis stolen oil; during 12-year U.N. embargo: "WHO IS STEALING IRAQI'S OIL?"
The oil traders tell me the principal market for stolen crude is Basra, Iraq's only access to the Gulf. Fadhila, the strongest Shi'a militia in the city, pretty much monopolizes the trade. Fadhila currently offers pilfered oil for $10-12 a barrel. Buyers have to arrange for small freighters to ship it to Dubai, where it is sold at the dock for around $30 a barrel.

The oil is sold on the international markets, commonly using a false certificate of origin or blended with other oil to disguise its origin. More and more frequently, however, co-opted employees in Iraq's Ministry of Oil help document the oil. Traders can expect to make a 4% return on the oil for themselves, with the rest of the money going to Fadhila and other militias.
Read the entire article!
For the last couple of years, Iraqi and American officials were seeing a troubling pattern of government corruption enabling the flow of oil money and other funds to the insurgency and threaten to undermine Iraq's struggling economy...
View VIDEO 1: The same DEMS who authorized and presented Bush with the findings of the Iraqi Study Group, and later complained that the Oil Legislation was a "missed Benchmark"... Now claim that Bush, who tried to help Iraqis meet these benchmarks; was implementing a WAR CRIME! (Make up your minds!)
Watch the IFOU in (2nd Video) In what seems to be an Int'l campaign to end the Occupation...Hassan Juma'a accuses the U.S. of stealing their Oil!

I wonder how much the Iraqis lost on the O.F.F.S. Scandal?!

Red State's Shares thoughts on the Iraqi's Oil Law.
-Meet the Press: Interesting Armed Forces Talks (right & left)

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