The Iraqis Who've Only Known Our Troops

The building of the Nation of Iraq is but a moment in time; amidst the thousand-year battles, spread out upon the World Stage... And the purge to end the decades of Saddam's murderous gangs; is not without the essential thought that...
Iraq's future belongs to these young people (video)
A youth, of whose future meant a forced recruitment into Saddam’s gangs; or face death… Read: Iraqi Fairy Tales

And today, as female students are no longer a rarity; many young Iraqis understand more about the troops & what is at stake; than the World community!
Everyday, more Iraqi Adults are Joining the effort

Semper-Fi, and God Bless them ALL...Please send your prayers, your support, and hope for the Iraqis; and the BRAVE Soldiers who support this effort.

News Report, Brighter side of the war in Iraq...
PS: Still away... Will post more soon...

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