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Barbay Garden 6-17-07
I Dedicate this Rose to:
The people of the Russian Province of Dagestan & Chechnya; and Christians in the South of Nigeria...And dedicate it to the Hindus in India/Pakistani who live in Kashmir; and the Chinese in the Xinjiang Ulghur Region...

This rose is for the dear people of Southern Thailand; and the Sudanese in South Region; the Palestinians in both West bank & Lebanon; and lastly, the native ethnic betes of the Ivory Coast...

Their lives are disrupted by Radical Islamist Militants, who exploit and attack in order to form Radical Islamist States...
I wish strength of assessment for those caught in the cross-fire... To weigh their plight carefully in independent thought, against the Free World's sacrifice for your freedom...The answer lies within ones freedom to choose Peace...
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