NASA Mission Amidst Retrograde-Direct

Today's Astrology remains the Pseudoscience of research, yet in the earlier ages of man, Astrology was once the sole reference point of the human intuitive computer. Since the earliest awakenings of Astronomy; windows of planetary orbits & their relationship toward electromagnetic beings, held curious phenomenon...
Astrologers were the bridge to connect and synchronize Worlds.

-Concerning NASA's: space station computer woes
View VIDEO: Man's Solar Rays of the 2000's! (Aid origin of the crash)

Today, a brilliant NASA mission designed to broaden our knowledge of scientific effects (and explore our interdependence with the universe) experiences computer malfunction... In what is known to astrologers as:
The cycle of Mercury Retrograde direct .

View: Retrograde and direct motion
"This apparent retro-gradation puzzled ancient astronomers, and was one reason they named these bodies 'planets' in the first place: 'Planet' comes from the Greek word for 'wanderer'. In the geocentric model of the solar system, retrograde motion was explained by having the planets travel in deferents and epicycles. It was not understood to be an illusion until the time of Copernicus." #

Mercury is said to enter its shadow when it moves into the portion of the zodiac that will have its tracks retraced once it goes retrograde. Similarly, it leaves its shadow once it has completed retracing that same path in its forward motion...
©- Laurence Hillman animation

When Mercury enters its shadow, this is considered to be the precursor period, during which we might begin to actually feel the impending effects of the retrograde cycle. In fact, some people seem to have more difficulty with this shadow period than the actual retrograde cycle itself.

Once Mercury moves direct, but before leaving the shadow, we might feel some of the fallout from the retrograde cycle. For example, if you mailed something during the retrograde cycle and it never arrived, it might take until Mercury has moved forward beyond the shadow before it is actually delivered to the intended recipient. Read synopsis

-Science & Pseudoscience: the Differences, Hardly Just "Adequate

And what a curious video! (haha) "A mother from Chicago see's Astronauts from the shuttle Atlantis and the Johnson space centre rather than her son on her baby monitor!
Cycle of June/July:
Enters shadow: May 31
Goes retrograde: 23:41 UT (Universal Time) just before midnight on June 15 (Cancer)
Goes direct: July 10
Leaves shadow: July 24
Often 2 days prior or after)

Approximately four times a year, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde.. and as it appears to move backward often chaos ensues. The effects of Mercury Retrograde, can mean repeats and delays and malfunction which effects communication, computers, transportation, & electronics. -#
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