Afghan Women Learn Civil Rights

I believe that the cycle of violence in Afghanistan first weighs against the female. And so too, this is where it will end! This video (taken in Afghanistan) shows Afghan women as they are schooled in civil rights...
-In preparation for elections!
Rising from the ashes of a brutally enforced, restriction of Universal rights; Women were also forbidden to write, seek education, or gather in assembly. Sadly, some in the west still see this as an unpopular war.
Yet, be reminded that the sight, for many Afghan Females, is through the eyes of those who have been beaten, raped, and widowed by the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Radical Islamist Fundamentalists...

They are not interested in temporary safety, and see an involvement in civil rights, as their only chance to beat the pattern of violence inflicted upon them, by these groups...This is the only hope for their sons & daughters.

-UPDATE- My guest hadi ali makes this correction:
In afghanistan the population of hazaras are 30%, and not 9%...
Thanks Hadi! :)

In the news:
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"The Taliban don't have any hold in Herat, but conservative, austere traditions do and very often educated women are faced with a very basic lack of rights."#
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