UN Extends Mandate--Troops Vital

U.N. supports U.S troops staying in Iraq
UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council agreed Wednesday to an Iraqi request to extend the mandate of the U.S.-led multinational force after the country's foreign minister said the troops were "vitally necessary." #

Not without consequence; Reid continues "war-loss" statements... Hopefully our troops may now continue the mission; as our Generals, Wednesday's UN body mandate extension, & most importantly...
Our troops weigh in...(video below)
Al-Sadr slams Baghdad security plan

And as W. Thomas Smith Jr. (national review) states:
"Fact is, U.S. Marines are sick of the politics about Iraq. And, as I've been reporting, they are tired of the distorted — and often flat-out wrong — poll findings about how they (the troops) are supposed to be feeling about the Iraq war."
Hanity interviews our troops, or his visit to Iraq...
instapundit posts Iraq updates:
Why The Most Important Stuff Is Not Reported
"what doesn't get reported is that most of the country is quiet, and there has been 4-5 percent growth in the overall economy for the past four years. Actually, there was a huge jump in economic growth, about 40 percent, in the year after Saddam fell.

That has now settled down. Anyone who has been to Iraq, particularly American soldiers, can't help but notice the traffic jams, shops full of goods, and all those Iraqis walking around with their new cell phones. Yes, it's a war zone, but it's also a growing economy."
Read more
CNN Reports: Democrats Delusional on Iraq Pullout!

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