Nuclear Secrets & Mullah Regime States

BBC Documentary Series: Nuclear Secrets is highly worth your time
Short clips (below)
As ElBaradei continues to warn that unless diplomatic means were found to stop Iran's escalation of the installation of new centrifuges; the country could have 8,000 of the machines in place by the end of the year...
The U.N. urges U.S. to defuse standoff with Iran

Iran touts technical excellence toward Nuclear development...
But the fact is, several million dollars bought the Iranian Mullah regime their Nuclear program. Video below demonstrates that centrifuges could not have been built in Iran...
The identified prototypes? Unmistakably acquired: Abdul Qadeer Khan!
Nuclear experts say...
"If all those machines were working — which would be a tremendous challenge for Iran, given the highly sensitive nature of the equipment and the technical obstacles that have plagued Iranian engineers for years — they could produce enough uranium for roughly three nuclear weapons a year." #
We are seeing the Iranian Regime's armies as they busily quest for territory. How soon will we see the prototype for another “1980's Abdul Qadeer Khan”?
Examining the Regime's ethics, associations, and ideological roots; Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (Ahmadinejad’s mentor, advisor) in the quest for conversion of Islamic Republic to Islamic government; believes that slavery and aggression are justifiable under Islam, and supports suicide bombing against Israel...

In a lecture that was released in February 15 2006, Mohsen Ghorourian who is a well-known student of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi said that using atomic bomb has religious legitimacy...

View the next Video of Abdul Qadeer Khan who cheated Europe
Iran resorts to psychological warfare
An article by Amir Taheri- for Gulf News nails it completely...
It appears that Iran's top brass apparently do not share Ahmadinejad's belief that a duel with the US would be short and sweet...let alone that it would end with Tehran's victory.
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's theory that a limited war against the United States is inevitable and that, once it is fought, the Americans will run away, leaving Tehran to set the agenda for the Middle East and, perhaps, even beyond.
Further, the author says...
The IRGC has a more specific cause for concern. It knows that in case of a major war it would be the principal target of US attacks. The destruction of the IRGC could leave the mullahrchy defenceless and vulnerable to a power grab by the regular army in alliance with the political opponents of Khomeinism.

Iran might become another Iraq, as far as the US is concerned. But Ahmadinejad and his IRGC backers could end up where Saddam Hussain and his Baathist cohorts did.
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