Palestinian Militants Defy Makkah Accord

Militants blame others; but only an agreement that is valued, is kept.
Those who say that the Palestinians are paying the price of creating a Democracy; are (instead) viewing its critical breach; right along with the destruction of HRH Saudi King Abdullah's Makkah Accord.

View this Video of Hanan Ashrawi (FMR Member) of Palestinian Legislative Council states, "Very clearly it is a situation of Mutiny, of resorting to armed insurrection, in order to challenge the institutions of the Palestinian Authority and State."
Gaza fighting signals end of Makkah accord
Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz brokered this peace agreement (2/8/07) with the sole intention of ending the violence, and reaching a solution...
One of the significant features of the Makkah accord was Hamas' willingness to "respect" past deals between Palestinians and Israel...But it looks more like the Makkah agreement was (instead) used as a time to rest and recoup until the next chance to resume fighting...Nader Al Saeed, sociology professor at Beirzeit University believes this, as I do. Read more
Read this article: A Bloc to Stabilize Middle East by Amir Taheri
"The perceived threat comes from Iran, which, suffering from political schizophrenia, cannot decide whether it is a nation-state or a revolutionary cause.

The biggest loser from the Makkah accord is the regime in Tehran that had invested in Hamas and its sister organization Islamic Jihad, in the hope of overthrowing Abbas and extinguishing hopes of talks with Israel.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had designated the Palestinian territories as part of Iran's glacis in an eventual war with Israel and the United States. With the Makkah accord, Tehran loses that part of its imaginary glacis.
read more.
Amir Taheri, an Iranian journalist based in Europe, details Iran's five mistakes amidst the important 6 + 2 group / bloc of moderate Arab states who continue to hold hope in helping to stabilize the Middle East. #.
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