Le 60e Festival de Cannes!

A little description of some of the events and films:
Le 60e Festival de Cannes (see animation)
Update: View Cannes- 60 Years On! Video clip!
Image (Partially) Snapped by Yves Herman- 07
Exciting and New! Evidently, 13 writers out of 22, in string for the gold Palm (decreed on May 27) are new applicants! We judged last years' Palm Springs International Festival; and those on visit, blissfully view an average of 15 films!

It looks wonderful this year! And for those in France; don't miss it!

You might like this: Movie: ZODIAC | About: In English
Starring: Mark Ruffalo; Jake Gyllenhaal; Robert Downey Jr!
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Wonderful French Films...
In fact, ha! There is a sixth American in competition, Julian Schnabel, who presents a full-length film which is regarded as French. Filmed biography of a (deceased Neo-expressionist Painter Jean-Michel Basquiat) Also, I believe, it is Schnabel's first time competition in Cannes.

Two other French films: “An old mistress” is adapted novel éponyme of Jules Barbey d' Aurevilly; and it is also the first appearance in competition of “scandalous” the Catherine Breillat. Christophe Honore, impétrant (also first appearance) for writer and playwright... The actresses Ludivine Sagnier and Chiara Mastroianni: “Love songs.”
-Read, more about this year's films:
Cannes: les forces en présence pour la Palme d'or!

Michael Moore's SICKO takes a "critical examination of the U.S. health care system" to the Cannes Palme d'or... (Bumped out of Competition)
In the quest for "extra publicity" Moore's last minute Media- Stunt in search of notoriety for his film during the opening of Cannes Palme d'or Festival competition, found him issuing a toxic, media-driven letter of challenge... But did little to place rank against the Artistic Film-Makers in the competition...

But, his curious attempts to Sponge off of the popularity of Republican US Presidential candidate, Sen. Thompson, in order to help film rank in this Int'l competition; was bloody obvious to all...

Moore's Tues May 15 2007 6:00:01 ET Publicity letter: Here
View the VIDEO of Senator's reply: Here

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