Fatah-Hamas: But Don't Call it Civil War

“Israel is not going to be dragged into the Gaza Strip the way that Hamas wants,” said Miri Eisin, spokeswoman for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. #
This is no way to lead Palestine toward Statehood.
Palestinian Militant rivals hold no constraint!
In fact, Fatah and Hamas 'rival murders' continue at funerals while families morn... And have attributed to some 41 people killed in the infighting this week, and dozens more injured...
-The Fatah side has sustained most of the casualties...
(Hamas also suffered fewer casualties, when they fought against Israel and the PLO; as they sought to crush the Oslo Peace accord, years ago.)
BBC exposes this shameful threat to Peace. #
Fighting between Mr Abbas's Fatah and the Islamist Hamas threatens a hard-won unity government they formed in March.
Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti - one of the Palestinian cabinet's independent members - described the violence as shameful.

"They keep making agreements, and then they violate it within minutes," he told the BBC.
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If I were an Arab leader, I'd have couped this Palestinian mismanagement, long ago... In fact, the entire World is sick & tired of this crisis:
Alas, neighbors seem to be powerless to end the Hamas-Fatah violence.
Egypt-trained Fatah forces cross into Gaza

How can this be addressed:
Politicians are having no effect
on the gunmen on the ground
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