Iraq: 'New Direction' on a Silver Platter

Something all of Europe might care to be seriously concerned about...
In the face of Europe's tremendous ridicule of US in Iraq; we must examine the successful push for troop withdrawal from Iraq; and its severe impact upon the greater part of Europe...

And while most European countries, in the wake of the London and Spain bombings, find US at error for continuing to fight terror; I think that 'following a US Liberal path' will place a huge risk of terror expansion onto the many soft targets of Europe. There is nothing which leads us to believe that surrender will thwart the jihad groups' efforts to continue their mission...
This Headline from British think-tank:
Iraq is on the verge of collapse: report
But, read the progress of Iraq; and what Congress knows that they can live with after withdraw! Are US troops containing the attacks onto one region; and are those who will not retaliate more vulnerable? After dishing surrender on a sliver platter, and crush of the Iraqi's...
Who will be the, "New Direction?"
Nancy and Harry: "Push for a 'New Direction'..Heh"
I've watched this slow "forced erosion" of the Iraqis elected government as it became a pivotal weak-point for the enlargement of a governmental change in the US... And remains to be a tremendous encouragement to terrorists .

And today we examine the latest threat of attack upon France, in retaliation of the Democratic outcome of the elections! # Terrorists have no fear that France will send troops to retaliate... Exactly the opposite of what one believes will grant a country safety...
Group affirming to be related to Al-Qaïda threaten France:
"Affirming to represent the European Al-Qaïda wing threatened Tuesday France of a “campaign bloody jihadist” after the election with the presidency of the Republic of Nicolas Sarkozy, qualified as a “cross Zionist.”

In an official statement put on line on an Internet site lodging the Al-Qaïda messages and heading “a message to the French people”, the Brigades Abou Hafs Al-Masri, obscure group which in particular asserted the attacks of Madrid in 2004, promise a “wild battle in the middle of capital of Sarkozy”. “Since you selected your leader, the Sarkozy Zionist...Read more
In addition to the attacks which killed 191 on March 11, 2004 in Madrid, the Brigades Abou Hafs Al-Masri, also claimed the attacks of July 7, 2005 which 56 died in London. Some question the veracity of these claims; but none question that Jihad remains an entire Group effort.
Read (Iraqi resident) Omar's request for the US to continue the mission:
Don't bury your heads in the sand
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