IAEA Compliance Not a Shi'ite Mullah Goal

Iran says it's pride, but considering the Iranian armies with weaponry examined in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, etc.. and admitted goals of the Shiite Mullahs... Iran's elevated enrichments are more essential than a 35-nation IAEA governing board, or need to uphold the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

They've shown the World that they have a time-table; but the regulation and safety of power plants and guard against nuclear weapons escalation from terror sponsors is the Most Important responsibility and commitment of every nation unto his neighbor. Accidents are shared!
-View Digital Library of: Nuclear issues
IAEA Flags wave proudly to secure safety regulations!
Today: Trailing a M.E. visit by Cheney, hoping to invalidate his Diplomatic efforts (on a completely unrelated matter)
...Ahmadinejad questions:
"Are they more keen with regard to the nuclear
issue than everyone else in the region?"

Well-known fact: Iran is being approached unanimously, by the
Members of IAEA and NPT Community!

IAEA inspectors visited the Natanz plant on April 15-16 and again about two weeks later and diplomats familiar with their findings said Iran now has more than 1,600 enrichment centrifuges, divided into 10 fuel-cycle networks, operational...

Iran has more than doubled the number of centrifuges in Natanz in the past two months and aims to have 3,000 running by end of May, enough to make one atom bomb a year should it want...

It is people like: Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan
who admitted leaked secrets to North Korea, Libya and Iran...Now creating a strong demand for atomic technology from governments & terrorist groups!

-Effects of Nuclear Weaponry: View- Trinity Atomic Web Site
-SWOOOOCH"...Like Ahmadinejad said, "People just, disappear!" :/

Warning- Please be very careful, at this time: HOSTAGE ALERT!

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