Yemen Forces Battle Shi'ite Rebels

More accusations that Iran and Libya are supporting Shi'ite rebels; and once again we hear Iran and Syria deny allegations. This time it is Yemeni officials who have accused the two countries of supporting theses rebels led by Shi'ite rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, based in the northern province of Saada. #
"The Government will consult with the two ambassadors on the developments in Saada," Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubakr al-Qirbi said.
Yemen's counter-terrorism, in a Conflict (on and off) since 2004.
According to Mohamed Sudam in Sanaa; Yemeni forces, backed by tribesmen, have fought in recent days some of their toughest battles yet in a months-old conflict with Shi'ite Muslim rebels in the mountainous north of the country...

The troops, with help from the tribesmen, retook a key government building in the Razih area on Sunday, a month after it was captured by followers of Shi'ite rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi. They also pushed the rebels from the town Qalaa.

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Far too close to Saudi Arabia, near the home of my friends !
Once these militant armies enter onto ones property they attack and destabilize...Yemen accuses the rebels of seeking to oust its secular administration and install a radicalized rule. Heavy casualties on both sides...Thousands of people have fled their homes, and hundreds killed in the latest bout of the conflict.
BEWARE: Shi'ite Rebels attack and hide in-a-amongst the civilians, as the most cowardice of acts; and connect with media the humanitarian groups if you try to flush them out! Viola! You country is over-thrown, and you become the one responsible for the entire death toll!

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