Sunnite Theologists to Counter Al-Qaida

An organization which will deliver religious edicts to counter the influence of Al-Qaida, announced on Monday, a Sunnite Religious Dignitary who will be in charge...
منظمة سيلقي المراسيم الدينية لمواجهة نفوذ تنظيم القاعده اليوم الاثنين أي طائفة دينية الاعيان الذين سيكلفون
This Council was instituted last week in Jordan, by a committee founder of 40 eminent theologists in order to meet the need for a moderate religious authority for the community Sunnite; whereas violence has not yet ceased in Iraq....
Declared: The Sheik Ahmed Abdoul Ghafour Al Samarrai. #
Sheik Ahmed Abdoul Ghafour Al Samarrai
AMMAN- 4/9/07- Ali Jarekji
The first being founded in Iraq since the invasion of the country in 2003. “It is high time that our religious dignitaries harmonize their declarations. The theologists must think of the way of teaching with the Moslems the respect of the others”, declared Samarrai.

Sheik Ahmed Abdoul Ghafour Al Samarrai, then explained...
“True resistance regards the blood of the Iraqis as sacro-saint. But those which have made 'passable' for the resistant ones, and for which the life of the Iraqis has little value -(in this case) "It is not a question of resistance against the occupant, it is terrorism”, he added.
Samarrai in addition denounced the pressures exerted by the fundamentalist religious dignitaries who have a rigorous interpretation of Islam.
“The theologists must express and not fear anybody others but Allah. "We must express ourselves and stress that blood is invaluable. We will oppose those for which the human life does not have a value and will denounce them publicly”, he added. #
The combatants Sunnites of the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaida saw their influence growing because of the presence of the foreign troops in Iraq and the violence perpetrated by the militia Shiites. But their blind attacks against the civil ones and their strict interpretation of Islam Sunnite moved away them from the tribal chiefs, who are traditionally moderated and involved divisions within the community Sunnite...

I believe that this is the answer, and will quickly restore order.
(This article: Translated from French... And my own Arabic :)

انني متأكد من ان هذا العمل تماما في العراق. العراق دائما تنتمي الى النظام. العراق قد تم على الفور تعيين الملك لتفادي المعامله القاسيه من الشيعه
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