Iraq: War and Other Obstacles

I am reminded of al-Maliki's trip to Japan yesterday, as he moves into economic phase of security plan to strengthen security of Iraqi . #

Met by: 'Iran's refusal to let al-Maliki cross airspace!'
The delegation members said al-Maliki's plane was diverted to Dubai (UAE) where al-Maliki stayed in the airport for more than three hours, while his government aircraft was refueled and new flight plan was filed! #
One of the Iraqi Government's many meetings -Akza -07
Geopolitical Diary: A Snub and a Warning from Iran
Iran and the al-Sadr threats:
As the radical Shiite leader calls for his Mehdi Army to target U.S. forces - instead of fighting Iraqi security forces; as he urges security forces to disassociate themselves from U.S. troops...#

Might want to re-think that praise, for Iran's release of Great Britain’s Naval personnel. Iran's demand for the release of consular officials, & intolerance towards Iraq; have resulted in a stepped-up security by our US soldiers, due to an increase of violence...According to sources # and # :
"The release of the alleged "consular officials" is all the more important because Tehran also wants to see next month's meeting with Rice take place -- which becomes difficult to do, without securing the release of the five detained officials...
-From Drudge
Hat tip: instapundit
And just what course have they aligned with?
NZ-Bear writes of the "over-looked" effects of Congress actions during an attempt to micro-manage the war…And explains why everyone is 'worse-off' for this over-sight!…
Kaus on the Democratic Strategy for Iraq:
It's worse than that, Mickey

Al-Maliki was traveling to Japan to finalize an 82.64 billion yen loan for Iraq to repair and upgrade the Iraq's energy industry. When it was announced in December, the loan was worth US$707.53 million.

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