Saudi Monarchy Will Heal Arab Lands

There are profound successes in Countries, who (amidst a Monarchy) continue to retain Democratic governments... Examples: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Japan and Spain...(All Derivatives of name a few.) #

In-as-much as the Queen continues to be an invaluable Sovereign to Great Britain....The answer to re-establishing stability in the Arab lands of Iraq, lies within the Sovereign of King Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia...

I believe that it is only then that we (in US) can begin to initiate withdrawal 'with honor' from a country which clearly does not belong to us.
The Iraqi Government will begin to take root in a manner which befits all those tribes in the Region...And equally important, we can begin to aid the rebuild, and heal relations within (Middle East and US) ...and eventually, amidst all those affected by troop interventions...

Together with the Iraqis, stability of this country, is paramount...View an interesting outline of the duties of Absolute monarchy, with Constitutional Monarchy HERE. I see fair & sound agreements to be developed there-in.
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