An Oblivious, Decadent Society, You Say?

An interesting read list:
A complete list of things caused by global warming
You might even be ruining the planet while you are reading this!...(laugh)

Be sure and read Bjorn Lomborg's Revealing Commentary:
Europe's dirty little secret on global warming!
"Even if everyone had participated and continued to stick to Kyoto's ever more stringent commitments, it would have had virtually no environmental effect: The treaty's effect on temperature would not have been measurable by mid-century and would only have postponed warming by five years in the 21st century. Nonetheless, the cost would have been anything but trivial - an estimated $180 billion per year." Read more!
Bjorn Lomborg is the organizer of the Copenhagen Consensus, an adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School, and editor of the new book "How to Spend $50 billion to Make the World a Better Place." THE DAILY STAR publishes this commentary in collaboration with Project Syndicate (

And on that note...
Scientists Suggest: Mount St. Helens: May Erupt for Decades...
...and then, who knows... it could also stop erupting today ! :)

Oh my gosh! Look what I just found! We're full circle! I highly recommend reading ALL of this excellent site:
Global Warming Hyperbole!

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