Proof of UK Abductions from Iraqi waters

I believe that this (along with additional data) might be part of the conclusive evidence, promptly sent to the Iranian Regime, by British officials... Interestingly enough, it shows the precise coordinates at the time of the abductions.
...And sheds a whole new light upon the Iranian crisis! (Video-Feed-below)

Posted March 31st...
This image shows the GPS position of the helicopter above the Indian merchant ship, taken after the abduction of the 15 British service personnel...According to the master of the Indian merchant ship; the ship was at the same anchorage as when the abduction took place, at the time of this photo.
The GPS coordinates are in Iraqi waters!
View Video feed...
APRIL FOOLS, I guess... as the Movie doesn't work...Will update
(if possible.)

NOTE: The coordinates visible on the GPS unit in the photo differ very 'slightly' from those quoted by the UK Ministry of Defense, because the ship had drifted whilst still being at anchor. The coordinates quoted by the MOD were:

North 29 degrees 50.174 minutes
East 48 degrees 43.544 minutes

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