Iranians: Not Too Late to Listen to King

The worst possible time for another conflict and it doesn't appear that anyone is able to get through to end the new Iranian Regime stand-off...

A woman captured, who has a small child!... It is so heart-breaking...

Newsweek covering interview with Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal
Instead, here's an excerpt from a much more diplomatic, Arab News:

Take Heed, King Advises Iran
The magazine quoted Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal (in an interview) saying that 'Tehran should take the threat of a possible US military strike on Iran 'over its nuclear enrichment program' seriously...

In the interview, Prince Saud quoted the king as saying:
“Why do you want to take a chance on that and harm your country? What is the rush? Why do you have to do it (enrich uranium) this year and not next year or the year after? Or five years from now? What is the real rush in it?”

The king “speaks to everybody frankly,” Saud said, adding that Abdullah told Ahmadinejad: “You’re interfering in Arab affairs,” a reference to Iran’s alleged interference in the affairs of other Middle East countries. Story
“Certainly what Iran is doing is interfering in Iraq,” the foreign minister said. “We told them this will not benefit them but will do more harm than good to them. And we talked to them frankly and honestly on this issue and they see the danger that what is happening is going to lead to strife between Shiites and Sunnis.”
Saud also said it was “a catastrophe” for Iran to be holding 15 British sailors and Marines it had captured on March 23. “This is just not the time for them to have a problem like that looming. We tell them that,” Prince Saud said.
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