Sarkozy Endorsement: Tomorrow's France

Bernadette Chirac carried her message of support for Nicolas Sarkozy, as she assured the public: “I think that Nicolas Sarkozy is the best to take up the challenges of France of tomorrow, to carry the hopes of France of tomorrow."

“If I am there, it is obviously because I support him”, the wife of President Jacques Chirac said to the press...
Thursday evening, amidst a gathering of 15.000 (Eurexpo) Bernadette Chirac also stated that she had come to Lyon with the agreement from the Head of the State... She expressed:
“Without his agreement, I would not have come." #

Et donc je fais tout ce que je peux pour l'aider à gagner", a-t-elle ajouté. "Ensemble, on peut gagner." Asked if she saw Nicolas Sarkozy elected next on May 6, answered without split second of hesitation: "Oui, oui, mais il faut travailler." #
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