The "Hidden" Children of Khomeini

"Iran (along with Syria) is a party to five of the 12 international conventions and protocols relating to terrorism." -Global
See Who's Guarding the Revolution.
And as to just what level the IRGC have come to 'control over State' in Iran has been recently brought forward (as a result of the recent British hostage episode.) Interesting however...Many of today's Sr. Guards began as a group of young unemployed students...With their only aim being: 'to fight and protect the regime.'
Elite Revolutionary Guard Broadens Its Influence in Iran

Guards grab reins of power
A very revealing article by Olivia Ward, who writes of Kenneth Katzman (Senior Persian Gulf expert at Washington's Congressional Research Service) and his 1993 book which depicts the power and illusiveness of Iran's Revolutionary Guards...
'The Warriors of Islam: Iran's Revolutionary Guard'
Excerpt of this article #:
"Their alumni make up about one-third of the Iranian parliament, as well as governing a number of provinces. Some, it is said, have acquired vast personal wealth. "Many of them are billionaires," says Iranian-born Mehdi Khalaji, a visiting fellow of the Washington Institute.

"They keep their faces hidden because they don't want it to be known they're Revolutionary Guards. But they work through companies overseas. Some have left Iran and set up business (elsewhere). Some are living in Canada." read more
According to Global Security:
Shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein, individuals with ties to the Revolutionary Guard may have attempted to infiltrate southern Iraq, and elements of the Iranian Government have helped members of Ansar al-Islam transit and find safehaven in Iran. In a Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran in May 2003, Guardian Council member Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati publicly encouraged Iraqis to follow the Palestinian model and participate in suicide operations against Coalition forces.#
More writings:
Numerous books by: Kenneth Katzman

What Was Once a Revolutionary Guard Is Now Just a Mafia

Hamas sends Gazans for military training in
Iraq, Israeli security aide says

Sanctions hit Iran's Revolutionary Guards

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