The "Political Gods" of Carbon Neutral

There is something that man-made Global Warming and Co2 groups must factor in when satellite mapping vegetation replacement to off-set a ratio of vegetation loss...But aside from a plan to clean our air; reduce gasses; and our desperate attention to the coral reef... They don't...

Considering the enormous amount of data available from precise configurations of farthest most distant planets within our solar system...
"Solar interactions concerning atmospheric and geological effects upon our planet; are nothing short of profound."

But the fact is, today I've yet to see anything regarded "less powerful" to man-made global warming groups than solar influence upon either the Earth, its magnetic field, Earth inhabitants, or "global warming/cooling" itself...

"Taking Solar data research only 'so far'...misses an intellect which is a companion to man's survival; and not his competitor...
NASA-Permission: Solar track -07
Numerical model of solar system:
Nothing new.. The universe and Earth within it are a series of loops…
But it might be the first age at which Man has used fear and politics to define Carbon footprints as “damnation of the Planet”…
And astonishingly has taken “these footprints” and produced “politically carbon neutral” effects… All without the fluid dynamics of interactions with the interstellar medium, as well as solar magnetic fields gravitational attraction of each solar effect to be taken into account…

The insecurities of the survival of man...have (in fact) contributed very little to his actual survival... The Ancients told of Sun Gods, who promised protection from the sun...And today, we hear them say:
"It's clear humans have had a devastating
impact on our planet's ecological web of life."

These methods to get an agreement are precisely unnecessary...Making "hidden and approximate" programs appear deceptive... If indeed a conscientious will be reached, climatologists denote that a pattern of rapid 'acceleration of climate change' reflects this trend...Who can deny that we are a shadow of the sun...

Must Read- William F. Buckley's:
Business of Global Warming Feels a Lot Like Inquisition

And... We Await the Lord Monckton Debate!
(A grand idea, but where are the Gods now?)

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