Imus’s Radio Show - Was Next to Go

The botching of Imus proves that one man's joke can be another's nightmare. During an obvious attempt to make light of slang...Yes, this comedic slur quickly turned ugly... Free-Speech" was shelved for a 'moral-war' between organizations, politics, and what turned to be, a "convenient cancellation." #
As Gangsta’ Rapper (below) together with affiliates & Music Awards, continue to produce hundreds of Millions of promotions (comedic slurs) a' la "Gansta" & "HO"; Quite a different story, had this Rapper confronted & kidded the Basketball girls...
Getty: Kevin Winter: 5.04. (MTV Music Awards, "HO" song)

And hey, just as this has risen so 'completely out-of-proportion'... We look at #Yesterday's Los Angeles, Snoop-court "wrist-slapping" for this rapper, as a repeat "drug and weapons-possession offender"; If there is an "erode within a culture" It certainly won't be from the actions of some vile and silly cowboy...
Rapper Gets Community Service for repeat Gun and Drug Charges
With Lawyer: Donald Etra; 4.11.07
Mel Melcon/Pool
His recent arrests: Airport of Burbank, close to Los Angeles, Snoop Dogg was shown of possession of drug & fire arms (weapon) found in its car. Regarded as “criminal in possession of a weapon”, (an aggravating circumstance) since he had been condemned already in 1990 on drug possession. He was also accused in November for weapons possession, after being stopped at an airport in Orange County. In March, he had been challenged in Stockholm for supposed use of narcotics.# and yesterday's: #

Hot Air posts: Snoop on Imus: The ho’s I talk about
are totally different kinds of ho’s

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