Freedom: Hate US but Want to Hire US

Something that I was completely unaware of...
Recently, a friend explained that every day since the invasion of Iraq, our government has received many an "SOS” from Countries desperate and unsure how to move against tyranny... Governments without Kings, strong democracy (or without both) and those of which have become 'weak-spots' for Terror...

Sure there are some who seek to overcome extreme hardship; but often it is the hope and Dream, of Nations "too poor or misaligned" to come aboard many of the World's organizations...

Take, for example, those above... Who (sadly) lacked the ability to capitalize on their powerful public mandate, and effectively lead the country down a new progressive path...And those political questions and solutions which needed to be resolved by the Country's own government. I'm sure they have it sorted out, by now... (Hope) #

And this guy better not count on US support!
'I am plotting a new Russian revolution'
"Berezovsky, stated that it is not possible to change the regime in Russia "without force, pressure." Asked if he is effectively fomenting a revolution, Berezovsky answered, "You are absolutely correct."
"Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced Berezovsky's comments as a criminal offense, as Sergei Lavrov calls on Britain to strip Berezovsky of his asylum status...#

And look at this unfortunate soul, sent back to Tehran, this morning...
Azerbaijan expels an Iranian dissident! (Hadi Seyed Javad Musavi) a member of a nationalist Azeri group inside Iran; raising fears that he will face persecution in Iran because of his political activities
-Hadi Seyed was flown to Tehran this morning, against Int'l Conventions! Source: RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Serv.

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