Heirs to Terror 'Dash Palestinian Dream'

There is every bit of opportunity that both Israel and Palestine will (at last) benefit from the Peace Plan…
I highly recommend Dr. Shaker Nabulsi's article:#
"It was the former Tunisian president Habib Bourguiba who, in 1965, advocated that the Palestinians “take and claim”. Instead, four decades later, Hamas and the armed Palestinian factions follow the dictum “all or nothing”. Their claim is essentially a dogmatic, religious claim, not a political one.

But by injecting religion into the equation they have served to turn what most Palestinian leaders treated as a local issue into a global one. The religious agenda of today’s protagonists has brought the entire world into the Palestinian conflict."#
Ravasine; Ismail Zaydah (As envisaged: 1948)
Shaker Nabulsi continues to say:
"The entry of this religious agenda into the Palestinian issue now threatens the entire dream of a Palestinian state. It is for this reason that all those who are engaged in the issue must say “NO” to the further wasting of blood and time. It is clear that Hamas has kidnapped the Palestinian issue and sold it to Syria and Iran, and permitted them to use it as a part of their pack of political cards with which they are fighting the United States – and its interests – in Lebanon and Iraq.

Thus, the future of Palestinian-Israeli peace now lies in the hands Syria and Iran, and not with the Palestinian people and their leaders. Further delaying the hope of a Palestinian state is the fact that today the conflict embroiling the Palestinians appears now to be dependent not just on settling issues in Palestine, but in settling the scores between the US, Syria and Iran."

Today, prohibiting Hamas and Marouane Barghouti (potential replacement for Abbas) from recruiting outside of the region and deterring from the Peace Plan; remain to be the most understood of all requests for lasting peace...

Today, a Peace offering of the unconditional release of Sergeant Gilaad Shalit (as a gesture of pure faith) can begin Israel's withdrawal of occupied territories
SHALIT Peace Offering
"A Beginning to Free Occupied Areas"

July 30, 1997 in Jerusalem: Two Hamas suicide bombers explode in a Jerusalem market, killing 14 & injuring 150.
June 1, 2001 in Tel Aviv: A Hamas suicide bomber blew himself up as he stood in line outside the Pasha disco near the Dolphinarium, killing 21 ands injuring 120. The explosive device was reportedly a large number of metal objects, including balls and screws.
March 27, 2002 in Netanya: A suicide bomber blew himself up at Netanya's Park Hotel, where 250 people had gathered in the banquet hall for the Passover Seder (ritual meal). 29 were killed, and 130 were injured, as perpetrated by Hamas.

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