The King Calls on US for Historic Role

“Your responsibility today is paramount"...
"Your potential to help Palestinians and Israelis find peace is unrivalled,” The King said. "The peoples of the region still regard the United States as “the key to peace, the one country most capable of bringing the two sides closer together, holding them accountable and making a just settlement reality.” #
( - King Abdullah 3.8.07
“We look to you to play a historic role,” he said, adding that results were needed “not next year, not in five years, but this year.”
In a uniquely humbling speech in Washington D.C on Wednesday; King Abdullah called on the US to accomplish this “historic” role in the Middle East, by helping Palestinians and Israelis achieve peace...
King urges US to play ‘historic’ role in region
"Thirteen years later, that work is still not completed. And until it is, we are all at risk. We are all at risk of being victims of further violence resulting from ideologies of terror and hatred. It is our greatest and most urgent duty to prevent such dangers to our region, to your country and to the world.

The choice is ours: An open world full of promise, progress and justice for all; or a closed world of divided peoples, fear and unfulfilled dreams. Nothing impacts this choice more than the future of peace in the Middle East...

I come to you today at a rare, and indeed historic, moment of opportunity, when there is a new international will to end the catastrophe. And I believe that America, with its enduring values, its moral responsibility, and yes, its unprecedented power, must play the central role." Read full speech


Ernest said...

Isn't that awesome? There are clarion voices that understand the US is one of the greatest arbitrators of peace in history, although such voices are often buried under the more contemporary hate-America voices.

More is the shame because of the blood of so many heroic soldiers that have died for Europeans and others, in WWII for example, in the Middle East for Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq, for example. It's great to hear someone with both the understanding and the courage to call for others with such courage to act.

Ernest said...

Oh, and to watch out for those little green "fishes."

MB said...

I think so too... I'm always impressed with this King's kind attitude. Any M. Eastern country, who speaks out against insurgence in the Middle East, is definitely courageous in my book. :)

ps: And yes, yes... Don't touch those Palace waters with a 10 ft' pole! ;)

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