DNA, Evolution, and the H5N1

I'm inclined to see the world a little differently than most people do… The world's typical train of thought is: “What’s wrong.” And my first reaction is..... “How is this world trying to balance itself.”
It is interesting to note that scientists are conducting independent tests of the H5N1 flu; as many countries continue to struggle to contain its spread.
Hanoi: Khnam- 07
Le virus de la grippe aviaire aux portes d'Hanoi
As Dr. H continues his tests which reveal this virus as a direct result of a shift in DNA (within the species itself). This DNA mutation seems to be as predominate as its “transfer from bird-to-bird.” One only need examine the roots of DNA shift, in order to view the pre-evolution of the 'former-migrating' species (above)
Bringing us to the age old question...
Q: Where did the chicken come from? A: It's found in the egg! :D

As we view a shift in earth magnetism, with flight patterns of species of DNA bird migration... One might, perhaps, view this as a fast-track evolution of the species... More (as was mentioned in an earlier post)
H5N1: Nature's Shift in Bird Migration

Coming soon...
The Return of the Ancient Mutants! :D

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