They'll Choose Your Candidate Edits!

This post was brought to you by cell phone! God Bless our election process, Freedom of Speech, and even those "fools" who insist upon favorable news.

I will never forget a press incident in May of 2006, at which a Western political 'left' news agency was banned by Iran, for using "fair and factual" news reporting... But this ban was lifted, after meeting Iran's demand for retraction, and apology...
Democrats enabled one of the world's worst freedoms of speech abusers to set precedent for America's News reporting...

The irony of this interview was its failure to consider (or mention) that this was the month when the Iranian regime "removed" thousands of Iranians from the internet, while threatening, fining, harassing, flogging, and handing down 15 year sentences to fellow journalists! Not a single word or consideration for the kind of message this might have sent, to ALL concerned...

Whomever is to represent the American people in 2008... They must consider the whole picture... The "unedited" picture...The Freedoms of Iranians...The Freedoms of the Iraqis... And of 'you'...And of me.

And after viewing the MANY interviews such as the one above; and viewing the world message of the Democrat's priorities; I don't get that this is true...

If a group is going to decide (for you) whether or not you need "selective edits" to guarantee fair reporting (both pre-and post-election)...We are one step closer to living the plight, of the Dear imprisoned Iranians.

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