Kahala Dream for Native Hawaiians


Once listed by Forbes' as eccentric and erratic...Gensiro Kawamoto..(according to catbird-seat) says that although his business is in Tokyo; his expression of creativity, is in Hawaii...(Kahala Avenue, to be exact)... Nice Looking :)

His Hawaiian expression, is a mix of oceanfront and mauka-side properties ...(8 of 22 Kahala Avenue homes)...And his creativity is:
"To honor what native Hawaiians say...That this used to be their land," he said. "We should honor their land."

...Today, many of the homeless and those in need of affordable housing, are (in fact) Native Hawaiians...
Kawamoto's vision involves 10 lots lined up next to each other to create one huge property, which would be rented out. He wants to create a "better and fun community." He also said he wanted to promote Hawaiian and tropical gardens...
"In order to make this beautiful street, all the houses and gardens will be lit up in the evening so that people can enjoy the view at their own leisure," he said.
ps: He's not finished with his investments yet -- he's hoping to own up to 25 homes on Kahala Avenue worth up to $200 million... And that's very "creative." (^__^)
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