Not Just the Dancing Bears of Bulgaria...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

It has been just a few years since Brigitte Bardot's Liberation of the Dancing Bears of Bulgaria... Along with many other animals, they've retired onto their €1.8-million reserve; equipped with refreshing pools to swim in, and cool caves to retire to... A greater awareness has evolved amidst a reserve as close to the wild as possible. [Sanctuary]

Sadly, in various Zoo and Circus shows of the World, exploitation of the Brown Bear still exists & remain 'unreported' ...(Below) view a heartbreaking clip, and a need to rescue more from abuse (in circus and Zoos) across the globe.

Reducing such a powerful animal to comic-begging is tragic.

Often they're still shown for the sad reason that there are no centers to shelter them... Thr method used in their training, is heartbreaking...

According to 'fondationbrigittebardot':
"After years of slavery, their behavior is hesitant and confused when it comes to exploring their new environment. Several months are necessary to break down their traumatic stress disorder and constant fear of open space. To help them, we scatter their food (fruit and vegetables mostly) all over the park." Read more.
Today, additional Laws in Europe...
"Since 1992 the brown bear benefits from the protected species appellation delivered by the Ministry of Water and Environment. Hunting, injuring, capturing, pursuing or even bothering brown bears in their natural environment are strictly forbidden...

In fact, using bears or any other wild animal for entertainment or for shows in public places is also strictly forbidden."
Fondationbrigittebardot, Europe's largest bear reserve, is a huge natural expanse in the south-west of Bulgaria...

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